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Name: Lucio Reinaldo Muñoz Toledo

Address: PO BOX 78615, UBC Postal Outlet, Vancouver, BC, Canada. V6T-2E7


munoz@interchange.ubc.ca;  munoz@truesustainability.com;  lrmt@hotmail.com.


Ing.Agr./National University of El Salvador; MS AgrEcon./The Ohio State University, USA; PhD Degree in Forestry Economics completed/The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Affiliation: Independent Qualitative Comparative Researcher/Consultant

Participation: CIAT/REDECO List, THEOMAI List, Planeta.com List, Forest Review/ WorldBank List, Eco-Securities List, CIFOR/POLEX List, QCA List, Semillero List,

Eco-Portal List, FAORLC-Boletine List, Boletin RIADEL, ENV-RIO-10 List, Participatory Conservation List, InfoAgua List, CEBEM/REDESMA Boletin List, LiteratiClub List, SD Online List, Publicity/Research-Green Leaf Publishing List, Stockholme Challenge List, Academeci List, Development GateWay Org List, BCCIC/Vancouver Forums, POLITALK discussions, Grupo Andino/CIAT List, FAO, UNDP, and World Bank sponsored on line seminars on different development issues as well as other online conferences in Latin America. The ideas shared through time through active participation and communication can be seen at MYVIEWS and TALKBAK.

Interests: Sustainability/Sustainable Development; Deforestation, Rapid Assessment Approaches Combined With Qualitative Comparative Techniques; Regional Planning, Green Markets, Global Warming, and related methodological issues.

To see my recent academic work go to:  PUBLICATION RECORD

To see my opinion as reflected in Rena News/Argentina/2008 about recent Latin America Demographic Statistics and Global Warming go to:  

Strong impact of climate change on a poor and aged population

Para ver como mi opinion es reflejada en entrevista por Noticias Rena/Argentina/2008 basada en datos demograficos recientes en Latino America y el Calentamiento Global ir a: 

Fuerte impacto del cambio climático en una población pobre y envejecida

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Under dominant component induced system failure and lawless conditions;

the ones running the system will turn against the weak/dominated, even

when he/she has fully fulfilled his/her duties and responsibilities,

to induce false system sustainability.

(Lucio Muñoz 1998)


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To see my recent Academic Work go to:  PUBLICATION RECORD


To see my views on Deforestation go to DEFORESTATION IN CENTRAL AMERICA


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