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The Talkback Page contains or is expected to contain formal and informal comments received from respectable discussion groups, editors, on line conferences and so on. They are presented in chronological order since 1997 to now. All these comments received relate in one way or another to sustainability and related social, economic or environmental issues. This section aims at salvaging important comments received during these years for the benefits of all parties interested in these issues. 

Talkback 1997 : June

Talkback 1997 : September 01-25

Talkback 1997 : September 26-30

Talkback 1997 : October-December

Talkback 1998 

Talkback 1999 

Talkback 2000: January-March

Talkback 2000: April-May

Talkback 2000: May

Talkback 2000: June 01-16

Talkback 2000: June 16-30

Talkback 2000: July

Talkback 2000: August-December

Talkback 2001: January-February

TAlkback 2001: March-April


Welcome to the Talkback Page and please send me your comments


There is no better feedback than the one

that either force you to calibrate

your ideas or abandon them

all together.

(Lucio Muņoz 1998)



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