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This True Sustainability page is my personal long-term commitment to the development of sustainability theories and frameworks with the purpose of better reflecting the systematic nature of development issues that started in 1998 and continues today. The ideas presented or to be presented here will reflect mainly my qualitative comparative view of the issues.

The core values under which this True Sustainability page will operate are independence, cooperation, sharing, flexibility, simplicity, and respect. Independence is needed to be able to really push and pull the strings of past and current knowledge regardless of source and to minimize biases; cooperation is needed to optimize scientific discourse, especially methodological discourse; sharing is needed to ensure the accessibility and the dissemination of ideas; flexibility is needed to be able to fit our views and framework to the different levels of development in a holistic and consistent manner; simplicity is needed to increase the replicability or adaptation of ideas according to circumstances; and respect is needed to ensure that we all have the same opportunity to be heard and same responsibility to listen.

The structure of the page, reflects two sets of components, external components and internal components. The external components are This Page; Personal Information; My Views; and Talkback. The internal components are Society; Economy; Environment; Sustainability; the connection of Society and Economy; the connection of Society and Environment; and the connection of Environment and Economy. Notice that sustainability is at the heart of the figure like a central force linking different forms or degrees of development.

Welcome to the True Sustainability page and please send me your comments.


True Sustainability is not consistent

with traditional views such

as maximization and


(Lucio Muņoz 1998)


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