Published work



Muñoz, Lucio, 2010.  "Substituting The More is Better Paradigm for The Less is Better Paradigm: Identifying Key Transitional Problems”, En: Cambio Climatico y Salud Ambiental, REDESMA, Vol.3(3), January, La Paz, Bolivia.


See this article at:









Muñoz, Lucio, 2009. " Traditional Forestry, Sustainable Forestry, and Forestry Sustainability: Expressing Evolving Forestry Practices Using Qualitative Comparative Conjunctural Interactions, En: Manejo Sostenible de Bosques, REDESMA, Vol.3(2), August, La Paz, Bolivia.


See this article at:  http://revistavirtual.redesma.org/vol7/pdf/investigacion/traditional_forestry%20_Lucio_Munoz.pdf





Muñoz, Lucio, 2004. " Weak Landscape-Strong Emission Impact Based Development: Is this the Most Likely Response in all Countries to Global Warming Issues?, Special Winter Issue, THEOMAI, Argentina.

See this article at: http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/redalyc/src/inicio/ArtPdfRed.jsp?iCve=12499306&iCveNum=0




Muñoz, Lucio, 2002. Non-Traditional Research Methods and Regional Planning Needs in Developing Countries: Is There an Ideal Methodology?, THEOMAI, Issue No. 6, Argentina

See this article at: http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/redalyc/src/inicio/ArtPdfRed.jsp?iCve=12400606&iCveNum=0



Muñoz, Lucio, 2002. The Meso-American Biological Corridor and Regional Sustainability: An Overview of Potential Problems and Their Policy Implications. IIG/Spain

See article at: The Meso-American Biological Corridor and Regional Sustainability



Muñoz, Lucio, 2000. Unprotected Areas, Protected Areas, and Sustainability Under Green Development Policies: What Are The Expected Impacts?, Journal THEOMAI, Argentina, Second Semester. 

See this article at: http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/redalyc/src/inicio/ArtPdfRed.jsp?iCve=12400204&iCveNum=0



Work being evaluated/reviewed or on the way to publication




Muñoz, Lucio, 2011  Moral and Practical Sustainability Gaps: Implications for the Current Liberal Development Model”




Draft work available for evaluation/revision 

Muñoz, Lucio, -----. A Non-Traditional Regional Assessment and Planning Model Based on Qualitative Comparative Research.

Muñoz, Lucio, ------. A Non-Traditional Regional Deforestation Assessment and Planning Model Based on Qualitative Comparative Research.

Muñoz, Lucio, ------. Developing a Deforestation Assessment and Planning Methodology for Central America Based on Qualitative Comparative Research

Muñoz, Lucio, ------. Rapid Assessment and Planning Under Qualitative Comparative Research: Can This Method Be Used to Balance Out Methodological Suitability and Cost-Effectiveness Discourse? 

Muñoz, Lucio, ------. Additive and System Forms of Development Under a Framework Supported by Deforested Area and Forested Area Based Development. 


 Work in progress or planned

Muñoz, Lucio,----. Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability Failures: A Qualitative Comparative View. 

Muñoz, Lucio,----. An Overview of Local and Non-Local Deforestation Perceptions In Central America. 

Muñoz, Lucio,----. Directed Sectoral Liberalization: Where Incentives Should Go to Achieve Forest and Non-Forest Land Sustainability.


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